About Us

Blockchain Hacienda, Inc's exotic flavor profiles & first ever protein dressings & dips were created by a professional golfer on the PGA tour for the active lifestyle community to introduce a healthy, gourmet, "better for you" product, that actually tastes great.

Blockchain Hacienda Nutrition

Blockchain Hacienda dressings and dips are enriched with premium whey protein isolate - the "perfect" protein for people of all ages. Each serving delivers 15-20% of our recommended daily intake of protein, with only 5-7% of the calories.

Blockchain Hacienda Taste

Blockchain Hacienda was created with the ambition of developing the most nutritious dressing without compromising on taste. Our delicious dressings & dips are made from the highest quality, all natural ingredients, to create well-balanced, sophisticated flavors. Use Blockchain Hacienda on salads, as a dip for crudités or as a sauce for meat, chicken and fish.

Blockchain Hacienda Health 

All Natural • Gluten-Free • Vegetarian • No Cholesterol • Low in Saturated Fats

    Did You Know...

    Serious endurance athletes need considerable amounts of protein, far above the normal adult RDA. Protein is the building block of maintenance, repair, and growth of lean muscle mass, as well as a huge contributor to optimum immune system function.
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